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Missy Briggeman is a business and lifestyle success coach, vlogger, and speaker who uses her hands-on experience and her God-given gift to turn debt and disaster to seven figures and success. With her vlog and her six-month coaching program, Missy helps small business owners and entrepreneurs shift their mindset and make small changes that make tidal wave sized impact. 

Missy got started transforming lives and businesses when she took her husband’s debt of $1.2 million to a thriving multimillion-dollar business. She now has helped more and more people ditch their doubt and achieve major success. She also used her own strategies to win Mrs. Oklahoma in 2007, which then launched her speaking career when she did more than 75 appearances in one calendar year. 


You can learn more and connect with Missy at www.missybriggeman.com




Hi, I’m Missy and I’m so glad you landed here today!

I’m a mindset coach, vlogger, speaker, wife, and mom to four kids from ages 3 to 13. I love hot tea with honey, flowers, and a great ocean view. I always joke that my husband has an addiction to the beach, and I gladly support that addiction! 

I’m an absolute go-getter. I’ve always been able to put my mind to something, go after it with all that I have, and succeed. In 2007, I read the book Think and Grow Rich and used the principles in that book to go on to not only compete, but win Mrs. Oklahoma 2007. I then went on to become the third runner-up in Mrs. America shortly after that. 

I truly believe in people’s ability to succeed. When people are able to get out of their own way and get rid of those voices in their head that say “I can’t,” that’s when the magic happens. I believe that people have the inherent ability to reach their full potential, but that it takes coaching, mindset shifts, and practice to get there. It’s my greatest passion to watch people gain a true sense of accomplishment and achieve their wildest dreams. 

The first time I knew I could help people radically change their lives actually started with my husband. When we were just dating, he was a physician who had been let go from his employer. . He had $1.2 million in debt and only had $3,000 in his bank account. Not only did I help him reconfigure his finances, set goals, and pay off his debt, but we also went on to start his own practice, which is now a multimillion-dollar operation. After that, I got the bug, and I can’t stop helping people transform their lives and achieve their dreams.  

When I’m not vlogging, video conferencing my clients, or helping people make tidal waves of change, you can find me chasing after my kids, island-hopping in the Bahamas with my husband, or on my back porch with coffee or a glass of wine in-hand.